Cat Tien National Park – Vietnam Nature Reserve

cat Tien National Park tour
Cat Tien National Park belongs to Vietnam’s nature reserve, with the aim of maintaining the biodiversity systems that nature has bestowed upon the country.

Community education

To raise awareness, through awareness raising and education activities, about forest management and protection for the community, such as organizing conferences, issuing awareness raising materials to distribute to the people, education in schools, organizing contests on knowledge of forest protection and environmental protection.

Patrol and inspection

To maintain regular forest patrols to prevent forest violations; the patrols focus on hot spots, identify key problems as well as specific solutions.

Coordination with local authorities, police, courts, institutes of investigation

To regularly coordinate with the local government to organize patrols, handle violations, and to hold mobile trials in order to deter and educate the violators.

Improved of living standard for local people

In parallel with the measures to handle violations according to law, the Park has shown its interest in creating jobs and income generation through incentive schemes in reforestation, planting of fruit trees, and building infrastructure such as: irrigation, roads, schools, building and transferring agricultural models, providing new seeds, contracting of forest protection, developing tourism with the participation of the community, and recovering traditional weaving skills for the Ma and Stieng ethnic communities on the buffer zone.

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